Need Food? Please call 918-592-3000 and follow the prompts to leave a message. At this time, we are only accepting grocery assistance requests via phone and only for the area bounded by Lansing to Harvard and Pine to 11th.

Kendall Whittier Incorporated is a home-grown organization incorporating self-sufficiency
for our neighbors through food security, nutritional health, and well-being.

Welcome to Kendall Whittier Incorporated!


For 50 years Kendall Whittier Incorporated (KWI) has been committed to the revitalization and support of historic Kendall Whittier neighborhood in Tulsa, Okla. Rich in history and culture, Kendall Whittier is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city and is currently undergoing great redevelopment and growth. However, many Kendall Whittier residents continue to experience many of the challenges caused by systemic poverty, including poor nutrition and food insecurity. We target specific basic needs to provide assistance to neighbors in need.

The overwhelming majority of KWI’s clients live below the poverty line, especially children. Through our Emergency Food Pantry (EFP) and community gardens programs – the GROW Teaching Garden and Tipton Community Garden – we provide nutritious food for today and inspiration for tomorrow. We also are active partners with other agencies in the neighborhood and work together with them to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable residents – seniors, children and people with disabilities.

KWI was formed by a coalition of neighborhood churches in 1968 as a response to the deterioration of the neighborhood. Four of these founding churches are still components today and provide support to our mission along with The University of Tulsa: College Hill Presbyterian, Grace Lutheran, St. Francis Xavier Catholic, and University United Methodist. Neighborhood residents and others with an interest in the well-being of the Kendall Whittier neighborhood are also actively involved.